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5 tendencies towards software testing that you should be on top of

Consumers have become more demanding, there is no way to deny it. Besides, the high level of demand makes the companies look for trends in software testing in order to guarantee the quality at the time of delivery. Are you being attentive to it?

Since they need adaptations, lots of companies resist the idea of implementing a testing methodology in their processes. The problem is that, without having a standardized process, companies tend to increase the number of defective deliveries that are made to their clients.

However, the point is: what can possibly be more expensive? The client’s dissatisfaction and the costs of rework, or the adoption of a new method for the reduction of the incidence of mistakes?

When you finish reading the article, you will know how the good practices will be able to increase the quality of your programs, and by doing so, also increasing the satisfaction of your clients. Before that, check some examples that follow below.

Get to know 5 tendencies towards software testing

We have separated the main trends in software testing for you to keep sight of them.

1. The growth of DevOps

With the popularity of the agile method, companies opened up for the opportunity to improve the efficiency of their processes, mainly in relation to software testing.

Together with the practice, the DevOps has as its objective to make communication closer between the team of developers and the one of infrastructure, which is responsible to release the information to the client.

Thus, having the method of delivery in small blocks and a close contact, the teams can increase the efficiency of their evaluations, enhance the quality of the program and, consequently, reduce costs with rework.

2. The use of the internet of things for testing

The concept of the internet of things has been calling people’s attention in the past few years. In a practical way, the innovation allows common objects from our daily lives, when connected to the internet, to connect themselves in an efficient way to other devices that are also synchronized to a network.

A curious case involving technology is in the area of software testing. Since the equipment counts on different sensors, from accelerometers to GPS finders, the company can make use of small machines to capture information and test them on its related programs.

The use of intelligent equipment allows the team to have information that is near to the real world, different from the tests taken in laboratories, which only simulate the same conditions.

3. The absolute focus on quality

In order to follow the fast changes in the market, we know how much the clients tend to be stricter. That being said, it is natural that the pattern of quality required grows in a proportional way.

For you to keep track of that with more efficiency, you can use the practice of Code Review. The name already says it all; the code passes through a review, but under another collaborator’s perspective. The practice allows other developers to find, with a greater ease, errors that came unnoticed during the development.

4. The search for more professionals that are specialized in the area

For high-quality software to be delivered, we know how essential it is to count on specialized professionals. When we talk about professionals on testing, there is the fake perception that it is enough to have someone to complain to about the problems found.

On the other hand, the experts count on practices and are able to diagnose problems rapidly. That makes the delivery process faster and more practical for the client, thus reducing the cost with a rework for maintenance.

5. The PDCA cycle

To align development with the expected quality, we know how essential it is to define a methodology for the process. Besides keeping things organized, the company will be able to predict failures during the programming. When guaranteeing the repetition of steps, we count on the work of PDCA.

For illustration, the cycle revolves around 4 stages.


During the planning stage, the team has to verify the problems that have to be solved. The study of the project allows the responsible ones to define the objective of the stage in focus; being related to the failure in accomplishing a requirement, or to solving performance problems and bugs.

For that, ask yourself what reasons can end up causing a determined problem. The questioning enables the group to have a critical thinking, with the objective of searching for more assertive solutions for that specific moment.


This is the moment in which the team should carry out with the actions that have been planned on the previous stage. There is a detail you must be attentive to, which is related to the quality offered. When we look for perfection, we usually postpone our actions, for we are always insecure when it comes to the practical stage.

Having that in mind, at this moment, you shouldn’t look for perfection, but you should look for the execution. With the ongoing process, the improvements will come in a natural way.


After having put the idea into practice, we should observe the results obtained with the change. Thus, for each of the situations, ask yourself: has the problem been solved? Has the performance been improved? Why is that?

By developing the answers, the group will have more clarity about what has been done; in case the results haven’t been satisfactory, try to understand the reason, and then go to the next stage.


This moment is for you to draw a conclusion about the processes that have been carried out. What can you take as a lesson with the changes? How can you apply the same strategies to improve other processes? Haven’t you obtained the desired results?

In spite of the answer you got, after this stage, the team should go back to the planning stage. That way, in case it has worked out, seek a way to keep going with it; on the contrary, understand what has happened and seek for other ways to solve this matter.

The repetitive process allows the development to be in constant improvement.

Understand the importance of adopting tendencies towards software testing

Having a competitive market of software, companies have begun to race against time so that they can develop a high-quality program for the client. High standards force the programmers to use methods in order to boost their efficiency.

Regardless of the requirements, some teams believe that the processes are unnecessary. In this way, by neglecting the practices, it is natural that the problems will appear more frequently.

For that reason, in case you want to reduce the number of rework and the costs with the correction of operational processes, you should look for the methods that have been mentioned. On the other hand, in case you don’t want to worry about the process, know that it is possible to delegate the work to specialized companies.

When counting on a qualified team, the company starts to get evaluations having the best tendencies towards software testing that are available in the market, making the practice efficient and free of problems on its programming.

Here at MonitoraTec, we count on a specialized team on the area of production and validation of software. In that way, you may concentrate on your business while we take care of your program. Are you interested in getting to know more details about it? Contact us!