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How can a software factory help your company make more profit?

Companies look for results that are increasingly more expressive, therefore also rising the clients’ level of satisfaction. But how is it possible to perfect the services with agility and efficiency? A good answer here is linked to making investments in a software factory.

Organizations are aware of the fact that technology constitutes a primordial aspect when reducing expenses, diminishing errors and increasing competitiveness. If a company doesn’t keep track of technological advancements, there is a high risk it might close its doors.

In this post, we are going to present a definition of a systems development factory, and on how it works in practice. We are also going to highlight the advantages of adopting it, and the needed precautions when choosing the provider which will be responsible for the creation of software for your company. Check it out!

Understanding what a software factory is

It consists of the process of systems development based on an agile methodology, focusing on increasing the productivity. For that, it tries to create software with techniques that decrease the possibility of human error.

This procedure grants the client the guarantee that he/she will have a personalized tool in a very fast way. Thus, each system is created in order to satisfy the users’ needs.

This is only possible through agile methods, such as Scrum. In these methods, the project is divided in cycles in which the developers and clients interact very much, having the objective of correcting eventual failures and of delivering a system or application which is useful for the target audience.

In the traditional method, developers and clients do not have much contact. In this case, the service is analyzed by the users only when it is close to its conclusion. Supposing the tool presents various mistakes, the deadline for delivery will have to be extended.

Besides, the risk of a work being concluded in discordance with the client’s needs is higher. It’s doubtful that a company would ever be willing to lose time or money with a product that is not going to have a good performance.

Understanding how it works

A software factory must have a good structure to conquer the target-audience. For that reason, it is important to count on a series of sectors, such as:

  • customer service (initial contact to understand the demand);
  • sector of planning and control over production (responsible for verifying the continuity of the projects and the use of human resources and materials);
  • production unit (a team that acts on the development of software);
  • quality area (responsible to analyze if the tools are within the established patterns);
  • support sector (helps the client to solve eventual problems identified on the systems and applications developed).

As a software factory presents a well-defined work structure, greater are the chances to engage the workers and to deliver high-quality services to the users.

Be aware of the advantages

After having known the purposes and functioning of a software factory, it is time to get to know the benefits that it can bring to your corporation. Follow up!

Services with more quality

Let’s imagine that your company needs an application for the clients to buy products with extreme ease. However, the IT team does not count on specialized professionals for the development of software for mobile devices.

In this case, a software factory may help you to make an ideal app available for consumers to invest in your business through smartphones. It is not only enough to launch a tool, but also make it be practical and attractive for the target audience.

Decrease in expenses

Have you ever thought of the money and time used for the development of software in your company? In times of high competitiveness, decreasing the expenses is an excellent alternative for your company to keep itself strong in the market.

For that reason, you should carefully analyze the possibility of hiring a factory for the development of systems. Consequently, your business will be able to count on a more qualified team and cut down on labor expenses. That would contribute to keep its financial health and to make investments in strategic sectors.


Which software is the ideal for your organization? Having the same system that is used by the competitor is not the best option to achieve an outstanding position in the market. In the current scenario, the most indicated thing to do is to count on programs that help to improve the quality of services inside the specific needs of the company.

This initiative is only possible through personalization. That is, the system must be done exclusively for the brand. With well-qualified programmers, it is viable to create a tool that is easily used by the employees and that improves the relationship between the company and the target audience.


Doing it better and faster is one of the main objectives of any businesses. By investing in a software factory, you will have capable professionals to develop applications that might increase the sales and the recognition of your company.

The less you make efforts to achieve more objectives, the bigger is the productivity. This has a direct relation to the expansion of profits and the strengthening of the brand.

Evaluate what you should take into consideration when hiring a software factory

Choosing a factory to develop systems for your company is an action that requires lots of caution. After all, it is an initiative that will have a direct impact on the quality of services and on the relationship with the consumers.

Besides the price, it is necessary to analyze other factors, such as:

  • availability of the team for the resolution of the demands;
  • deadlines for the delivery of the demands;
  • evaluation of other clients on the services that were done;
  • support offered in case of bad-functioning of the systems.

There is no doubt that investing in a software factory is an excellent option for your company to deliver high-quality services. As the organization manages to meet the needs of the target audience with ease, greater are the possibilities for the clients to become faithful and for the increase of profits.

In order to reach this level, it is indispensable to have an IT team that is qualified and capable of developing software with a high level of usability, in a fast and practical way. This will surely be an important differential for your company.

If you intend to count on more efficient systems for your business, such as the ones developed by software factories, it is a great idea to get in touch with Monitora Tec. We are happy to offer you a special assistance!