Get to know the main updates on Artificial Intelligence systems

Artificial Intelligence systems (AI) have been responsible for the main innovations of digital transformation in the past years. After all, robots managed to conquer areas where the workforce was entirely human in the past decade. A few examples are on the sectors of customer service, integration of automated systems, etc.

In this way, concepts as chatbots and RPA have been becoming more common each day in the world of business. Consequently, companies that do not implement this technology may lose ground in the market or go bankrupt in a few years. If you want to avoid negative consequences, keep updated with the news on our post!

Conscientious Automation

Chatbots were a true revolution for the customer service in organizations of all sizes, from multinationals to small and medium-size business (SMB). After all, they grant more economy and allow a fast solution for simpler problems.

In the next few years, we will have a lot of evolutions on chatbots, which will also be able to qualify leads, for instance. For that reason, we will see robots behaving as real sellers in a way that their clients will probably not realize that they are using Artificial Intelligence.

Nowadays, great investment has been made to bring more conscience to chatbots. There is already technology to give them personality and emotions, in a way that they will be able to adopt a more persuasive language if you are not sure about finishing a purchase, for instance.

More human language

In order for all this development to impress the users, a great investment has also been made for their language to become more human. Thus, you probably won’t realize those robotic pauses that bother a lot.

It may seem something trivial, but it is very hard to eliminate them. For that, teams of various programmers and even professionals of the language area have been studying a field called “natural language”. This branch deals with the complexity of the syntax and semantics of the human language to find strategies in order to improve robotic communication.

Research fueled by AI of conversation

You might be already used to the Google assistant or Siri executing voice commands and even making jokes about certain questions. However, what the future reserves are much more shocking.

Soon, all the users will be able to make use of assistance based on AI in an innovative way. Instead of commands, such as “search for available condominiums in Dallas”, the research will become much more conversational, with dialogs that are more and more realistic.

In the next years, the answer to “what are the colors available in the market for the model of X car?”, won’t be mere listing, but a conversation which would grant the robot the right to ask other questions, such as:

  • What is the price range?
  • How many doors do you want?
  • Manual or automatic?
  • Flex model or traditional?
  • Do you prefer any car dealerships?

Besides, you will be able to talk about restrictions on the search and the robot will probably understand them. They will be simple commands, like “I don’t want models which are more expensive than R$40.000 (Brazilian currency) and I am also not interested in the orange color”.

Image recognition

With virtual assistants like Siri, everybody already got used to robots that can recognize speech. However, one of the main news of AI is related to another sense: the sight. In 2018 we saw computers and smartphones that were capable of “seeing”, that is, capturing, processing and analyzing data coming from images. For this reason, Google released the app Lenz in 2018, which identifies products and works of art with the camera from mobile devices.

It is believed that in 2019 this technology will expand even more and allow disease diagnostics, car plates detection and the analysis of photos to conclude payments.

That can also have an impact on marketing. Along with the popularization of Google Lenz, companies will have to start thinking about strategies to make their products more recognizable for the robots. Will we possibly see the birth of Image Search Optimization?

Cybernetic defense

Nowadays, hackers are putting a huge effort into compromising cloud security and its infrastructure. Various business models – such as the platforms of software as a service (SaaS) – depend on the integrity of this technology to offer their products.

Nevertheless, criminals from the virtual world have started to face a worthy competitor: Artificial Intelligence. More than identifying malicious codes – which are constantly changed to trick the antiviruses – the robots are able to realize the modification patterns that the malicious software makes on the systems.

That is to say, even an unknown code will be able to be identified due to its behavior. Moreover, distinguishing from the traditional strategies of cybersecurity, the AI can learn with each invasion and prevent that similar attacks are carried out in the future. This is all done in real time, with a speed that is superior from that of antiviruses and firewalls.

In this way, the AI would realize even the subtle indicators of abnormal activity. After that, they make use of fast measures that are able to defend their system before the threaten compromises it more. With that, they can turn off a few servers, isolate some regions of the operational system, etc.

Perfecting of data analysis

As Big Data evolves and is capable of analyzing a greater amount of data, Artificial Intelligence becomes more necessary. After all, having an amount of information that reaches dozens of terabytes, it becomes impossible for a Business Intelligence analyst to extract the necessary information to elaborate the business strategies.

Thus, robots have been an essential ally to be able to understand the data patterns and filtrate only those pieces of information that are more important to reach the objectives of your company. AI tools have been created which are able to analyze 1 gigabyte per second! That will surely accelerate a lot the processing of data in the next few years.

Those are only some of the news that the Artificial Intelligence system has for us in 2019 and in the next years. They will be indispensable in order to keep your competitiveness in a market that is each day more digital and globalized. If you are not yet thinking about a strategy for the implementation of AI to your business, it’s high time you started thinking about that.

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