tecnologia para gestão de projetos

Understanding the advantages of technology for project management

Companies acknowledge that once they have contact with innovation and improvement of services, there’s no going back. That means, it is necessary to be conscious that the technology for project management must be applied correctly to increase productivity and generate a competitive differential.

By adopting tools that are capable of making the staff get more involved in the results, an organization can perfect the planning, execute actions with more efficiency and keep track of the developed works. These minimize mistakes and strengthen the corporative image.

In this post, we’ve highlighted the challenges of project management and the importance of technology to face them. Check it out!

Get to know the main hindrances to management

Project management demands leadership, ability to overcome unforeseen events and focus on reaching the objectives. However, there are bottlenecks that have to be overcome for an idea to be planned and executed masterfully.

For you to be successful in administrating teams and activities, we will show some factors that must be overcome by a company. Keep up with us!

Difficulty in establishing parameters

Which are the needed human resources in order for a work to be carried out? What is the budget for the acquisition of new equipment? What is the deadline for the services to be done? These questions show how much it is important to work with indicators that help structure a project.

If that is not established correctly, chances are that the manager won’t organize the team as they should, and therefore will suffer from the lack of productivity. In this way, technology for project management prioritizes the use of available resources in a rational way.

Risk analysis

Let’s suppose you have the needed budget and have estimated the number of professionals that will act in the development of a new software program.

No doubt that those are vital actions for the initiative to reach the intended performance. Therefore, one cannot forget about something fundamental to face eventual problems: the risk analysis.

It is important to list the adversities that may hinder the implementation of a project, such as:

  • client’s lack of knowledge about the tool;
  • communication difficulties among the members of the team;
  • lack of experience using digital marketing to spread the new system.

All the variants must be analyzed thoroughly. On the contrary, a project may be excellent in theory, but a fiasco in practice.

Task delegation

It is not enough to ask a worker to carry on a service, but it is recommended to evaluate whether the collaborators are capable of completing the assignments that are given them.

It is also important to have a division of tasks that stimulates all the members. Nobody likes being overcharged and seeing a co-worker having fewer responsibilities.

A good leader must verify the potential of all the employees involved in the project and delegate tasks that they can execute within the deadline and in an outstanding way.

If the manager does that correctly, it minimizes the possibility of conflicts and promotes engagement, which is primordial for the productivity to be in a high plateau.

Automation with quality

It is not enough to only invest in technology. Even if the intention is the best, it is necessary to have a basic notion of what is going to be automated and how this measure will have an impact on the work routine. The wrong choice for software can damage the productivity and quality of the services.

For that reason, it is vital to have a service standard that is properly rooted in order for the automated activities to be easily inserted in the collaborator’s routine. Those collaborators, however, need to be engaged and trained to face a new reality. This way, they will be more efficient and valuable to the organization.

Never choose a software program without having analyzed the context of the company. Evaluate how the system will be useful for your business. This initiative will help you have a fast return from your investment and perfect the services, which contributes to conquer new clients.

Check out the benefits of technology for project management

Technological advance enables corporations to have a series of advantages in order to have a significant increase in quality. For that reason, we will expose the most important benefits for the management of projects. Follow with us!


To be able to accomplish various tasks faster is the dream of every entrepreneur. For instance, a software program can create a simpler and faster decision-making process. One of the reasons for that is the fact that it enables faster access to management information (stock, sales, available financial resources, etc.).

With the automation, it is viable to make collaborators stop doing repetitive tasks, and focus on what is fundamental for the business strategy. That avoids losing time and stimulates productivity.


The technology for the management of projects also allows the planning to be easier to elaborate and carry on. When counting on information about the company in a structured and fast way, managers have better conditions to verify what is ideal in order to obtain more expressive results.

There are software programs that make it possible to verify the ongoing status of the projects. This is fundamental to identify eventual mistakes and adopt measures to correct them. The measure favors a greater dynamism and creates a favorable environment for innovation.

Leaders that are more attentive to the team

As the leader does not have to be so worried about routine and repetitive activities, they keep themselves more opened to visualize other alternatives, having the objective of improving the performance of the team and, consequently, that of the organization.

Thus, the leader is more available to clarify the employees’ doubts and think about solutions to make the company more competitive. Offering conditions for the leaders and the staff to be more creative is indispensable in the search for better ways to interact with the client.

More integrated teams

Counting on leaders that are more turned to the core-business is one of the greatest advantages of technology for the management of projects. Besides, the systems create a favorable conjuncture for the teams’ integration.

The sharing of information generates more knowledge and a healthier dialogue among the teams. This initiative also contributes to consolidate initiatives that aim to surprise the customer and make them loyal.

With the support of Monitora, your company will have higher chances of adopting solutions that prioritize technology for project management. Keeping track of the technological progress must be part of the routine of companies that wish to be recognized for their excellence in services.

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