Metodologia Lean

Lean Methodology: what is it and why to use it?

In order to perfect the productive process of a company, the Lean Methodology can be a great ally, since it is a method used in the business and industrial areas to avoid every waste or financial loss that a company may possibly have.

It is important to highlight that this methodology, besides having beneficial tools that control the financial resources, also makes the business process more agile and efficient.

In relation to the delivery of the product to the client, or to the optimizing of the production time, the Lean Methodology helps in the organization of these factors, without harming the development and reliability of your business.

For a better understanding, we will present the most important points of the Lean Methodology. Come along with us and enjoy the reading.

What is the Lean Methodology?

The fact that this methodology has been inserted in the business world as a great evolution is not new. This resource aroused in Japan, at the 80s, having the objective of making development processes more agile for the market of vehicles. However, this term became more popular after the launching of the book “The Machine that Changed the World”, which is a work from the American writer James Womack.

After all, the term “Lean” means containing little excess or waste. This means that the entire business process, independent from any other procedures, becomes clearer and more qualified concerning the agility of information that the company needs.

Which are the system models of the Lean Methodology?

As seen before, the Lean Methodology has various benefits, which are essential to structure your business. Yet, there are some resources that are important to determine this organization.

Canvas Model

Canvas is a system in which a diagram is created that presents fundamental values between your company and your client. Inside the Lean Methodology, this resource is very efficient on occasions when business reports need to be made more objective, facilitating the construction of a business model that is more accessible and comprehensible.

In that way, the relationship with the client becomes a great potential in the business world. After all, it is very important to understand what are the demands and exigencies of your client, therefore, being able to make your company more receptive and visible.


This procedure facilitates the volume of production, making the work output more stable when looking from the perspective of the work demand. It is evident that this resource makes the cost-benefit and the financial aspect of the business and industrial fields more stabilized, bringing more speed and avoiding waste.


The 5s is one of the resources, inside the Lean methodology, which analyses the quality control of the product. This resource is categorized by Nipponese words. Therefore, for this procedure, the 5s works as it follows:

  • Seiri: avoid each and every waste
  • Seiton: organizes the work environment
  • Seiso: values a neat environment
  • Seiketsu: establishes a healthier environment inside the business field
  • Shitisuke: establishes a discipline and organization inside the production environment


This resource values the improvement of productivity in the business field. Kaisen is a system that connects with the PDCA cycle (Plan, do, check, act). In this way, following this procedures, the production flux becomes more objective and stronger when facing the competition.

Takt Time

Takt Time is a system that is focused on the demand and requests from the client. That is, all the production measured by the company passes through a process of products construction that meets the demands and desires of the consumer.

Besides meeting the clients’ needs and understanding them in the best way possible, this resource facilitates the elaboration of prices, balancing the demand for better cost-benefits for the company and the product.

Another relevant point is the way that this product (which will be delivered) might be interpreted; since inside this system, the artifact becomes a concept and not only simple merchandise.

What are the benefits of the Lean Methodology?

Apart from having technological resources that are efficient to increase the productivity and qualify your company, the methodology offers some benefits for the day-to-day business.

Team construction

As we can see, the main objective of the Lean methodology is to “avoid excessive information”, that is, to make it more objective and centralized. That also applies to the choice of employee and other workers, that help in the construction of a more creative and productive environment before the business world. After all, this methodology captures important information about these collaborators’ profiles.

Optimizing the company operations

Through the tool, it becomes easier to organize which are the duties and operations that the employees need to carry on. Thus, this process structures the time and what functions must be done by each time, avoiding any derangements or losses due to a lack of discipline.

This procedure also improves the production output, apart from being efficient on the control of time and on the risk of waste.

The system works with algorithms that calculate the delivery of a determined report or a proposal.

Customer Development

As there is a system to ascertain the delivery time for the client, the Customer Development analyses the profile of the consumer in a consistent way. In this case, along with this resource, an improved interaction occurs between the company and the consumer.

This procedure allows the creation of selling and business strategies, and organizational paths that are influenced by the client’s opinions and reports. In this way, it is indispensable to create an intrinsic relationship with these people who consume information and products that come from your business.

Qualified production

Among all the relevant aspects for a more productive business life, the improvement of the work environment is, without question, one of the most relevant points that come with the application of the Lean Methodology.

Since it is part of the Lean culture to make all the work processes the most objective possible in a creative and efficient way, the production quality becomes more evident at the moment that the company data and all the relevant information involved in this process become more visible.

It is worth highlighting that, inside the quotidian of the company, the perfecting of this production process makes the work more creative and optimizes the creation time.

However, being aware of the timing in order to carry on a determined duty is essential to make your business more stable and confident.

To conclude, all these procedures and resources that are made available by the Lean Methodology are able to transform not only the work environment but also personal lives. For the good health of your business, it is indispensable to determine a work process that is more creative and objective.

So, do you still have any doubts about the Lean Methodology? Leave your comment and let us debate more about the subject!