monitoramento de vídeo

Video monitoring: understanding the importance of this innovation

The monitoring through video has already been a trend in lots of markets. This resource has recently been well looked upon in the sports sector, mainly after the adoption of a video referee for the World Cup FIFA 2018™.

That is only one proof that this tool can be extensively explored in different areas when it comes to helping in the process of decision-making, which involves critique issues for every business.

In order for you to understand a little bit more about this subject, we have prepared this content that shows some advantages of using video monitoring. Keep up with us!

How will video monitoring help in football?

After having had some years of testing, the World Cup FIFA 2018™ received the assistance from the video monitoring resource for the first time in its history. The idea is to support the main referee in his/her decisions inside the field, whenever there are doubtful or polemic moves.

The video referee’s objective is to decrease the mistakes that the referees may possibly make inside the field. The referee obviously can’t stop the match. Therefore, his function is to review the important moves or shots of the match rapidly, acting if requested by the field referee, or sending suggestions in real time, through electronic point. The idea behind it is that football may increasingly become fairer and have fewer failures.

What are the benefits of video monitoring?

As you could see, in the sports world this resource might be crucial, right? But how about the business world? Get to know that it also has its importance and brings together with it lots of benefits. Get a further understanding of that.

1. Preventing thefts and robberies

Security is one of the biggest worries for everyone, therefore, it is one of the priorities of any business. Regardless of the company type, nobody wants to be a victim of steals and robberies; since that compromises its functioning and its operation, even if the damage is not so significant.

That being said, the usage of video monitoring helps with this matter. It is through this resource that we monitor the company facilities, and also conduct a close investigation by analyzing the video in specific situations.

2. Carrying out preventive maintenance

In business related to the industrial area, in which there is lots of space and lots of equipment, it is very hard to know which one needs maintenance only through human analysis throughout the time.

Therefore, it is perfectly feasible to use video monitoring in order to identify technical failures in equipment and send maintenance teams to accomplish the task. The resource is useful for prevention, as well as for the constant repair of the machines.

3. Work Safety

Work safety issues are very serious and so must be discussed seriously, since any accidents might be traumatic, both for the company and the employee. Thus, the video resource can also be used for the monitoring of safety patterns that involve the collaborators and the processes, as well as for the prevention of accidents through the analysis of images captured by the cameras.

In general, we can see that this is an excellent tool for decision-making, despite the company that is making use of it. The monitoring is able to make everything safer, faster and more intelligent.

Examples of the application of this resource are at the industry itself, as well as at the safety monitoring of shopping centers and football stadiums. However, it is believed that video monitoring can go way further and operate in all markets.

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