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Technology and Marketing: get to know the main challenges of this union

The internet is already essential in our daily lives, and along with it the clients’ behavior has been changing, since it is much easier now to look for information about the companies, products, and services before actually making a purchase. In this scenery, the union between technology and marketing has become increasingly important for the companies’ success.

Making use of technological tools in marketing can bring various benefits, such as a better engagement of the consumers, more agility in the process of sales, optimization of work, increase in the productivity and the clients’ loyalty and augmentation in number.

Therefore, it is extremely important that the companies innovate their marketing strategies in order to get better results. In this article, we will cover the main challenges to the implantation of technologies in the marketing of a company. Enjoy the reading!

Lack of knowledge

Technology is increasingly advancing, what is extremely beneficial for the companies, assuming they know how to use it to favor their business.

However, one of the factors that hinder the modernization is that the personnel don’t know how to ally technology to marketing and also don’t know the benefits of this combination.

Professionals frequently don’t know how to deal with the technological tools, because they don’t study this on marketing courses, which frequently only cover the traditional marketing tools.

Because of that, they think the technological tools are unnecessary, and they are reluctant to adhere to the new possibilities that these technologies offer. By doing so, they prefer to continue carrying out the work in the same way it has always been.

On the other hand, the marketing scenery is ever-changing, what demands of the companies some investment in training and professional capacitation of their collaborators.

As for the professionals, they should constantly look for knowledge and keep up with the trends in the area. In that way, they may leverage their own careers and support the companies in which they work for.

It is imperative that all the members of the personnel understand that digital transformation might bring lots of advantages for everyone, increasing the productivity, avoiding errors and unnecessary works and providing a more efficient marketing.

The technologies already start to bear small fruits when they are implemented and can bring immense benefits in a long-term.

The union between technology and marketing is convenient both for the organization and the client; since it is through this union that it will be possible to discover what the problems are which impede the consumer to have a better experience with the services done by the company.

Managers’ resistance

Some managers resist the implantation of technological tools to perfect the marketing due to the generation of new responsibilities when managing the strategy.

Keeping the traditional marketing strategy might seem safer and more convenient. Despite of that, it is important that they do not fear changes and look for innovation because this is really positive for the business.

In the present scenario, there is no room for resistance, since the marketing is evolving, and without improving the marketing strategy through digital tools, the company ends up losing opportunities. In this way, the managers must make an effort to adapt to the new market reality.

For the strategy to be administered in the best way possible, it is important that the managers participate actively in the implantation process of these new technologies.

After having chosen the tools that better fit to the organization’s reality, and having taken care of the technical part of the implantation, it is necessary to make sure that the staff is using the adopted technologies correctly.

It might not be easy to adapt the entire company to the changes that come with the adoption of technology in the marketing, but the managers shall motivate the group, make them conscious about the need for these changes and make everybody commit themselves to these changes.

The managers must take the initiative and present the ideas to the collaborators, try to better structure all the departments and identify the need for making changes at the organizational culture of the company.

Data management

One of the biggest benefits brought by the union between technology and marketing is the possibility of obtaining information about the clients and the competition and analyzing them in an efficient way. Yet, there are many cases in which the personnel are not really prepared to deal with the great volume of data obtained and to manage them in the best way possible.

By using this information intelligently, it is possible to get to know the consumers’ purchasing habits, create personalized campaigns, deliver a better service, do better offers to the clients and develop new products and services, satisfying their expectations properly.

In order to ease the gathering and managing of data, it is relevant that there is a close collaboration between the marketing and IT groups at the organization. In that way, they can choose the best software to achieve this objective and handle them correctly.

It is also essential to manage the safety of these data since they are about precious strategic information about the clients and processes of the company.

Integration difficulties

Along with the ease to obtain important data, another challenge in the union between technology and marketing arises. The challenge is related to the appearance of data silos, which are groups of data kept and accessed only one sector. Therefore, since they are isolated from the others, they do not allow information to be used efficiently.

As more people start having access to information, more ideas will emerge. Thus, it is necessary that the information is always available to all the collaborators, through the integration of sectors.

All of them need to have access to updated information at a real time on their systems, since the strategy directly affects various departments apart from the marketing one, such as the purchasing and sales sectors and support services to the customer.

To solve this problem, there is a need for some software that would allow better internal communication among the most diverse sectors and would eliminate unnecessary work, making the processes more efficient.

When choosing a solution, check out whether the software easily integrates with other tools. Choosing the adequate software allows cost reduction and the possibility of aligning the marketing department with all the other departments so that they can work together.

The adoption of technological tools for marketing is an absolute necessary strategy for the business evolution. So, it is indispensable to fight off the challenges that have just been presented and look for innovation.

From the union between technology and marketing, it will be possible to obtain progressive results, increase the sales and outstanding in the mid of competition.

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