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Trends in software development: what are the updates?

Have you been attentive to the trends in software development? With the market being every day more and more competitive, it is natural that the companies look for the latest references in technology to automatize their processes.

Having the objective of resolving the day to day problems, companies attempt to develop, all the time, new technologies in order to deal with the most diverse situations.

According to Gartner, investment in technology is likely to grow 4,5% in 2018, making the number of innovations that are available broad. For this reason, it is natural that the choice for the best tool becomes more difficult. After all, today we can find from solutions turned to intelligent objects to the use of virtual reality to educational purposes.

For you to be able to make a successful investment in software, check out in our post which are the greatest tendencies related to development!

Count on Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning

Since it has been one of the most discussed topics in the past few years, we can’t deny how much Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have become fundamental to the companies that wish to perfect their processes.

According to research carried out by Gartner in 2017, 59% of the organizations started to gather information to invest in intelligent programs. One of the factors that led to the growth in technology is that it is adapted to different business purposes. After all, in the industry nowadays we can find the most varied areas, from the use of virtual assistants, present on smartphones, to the use of autonomous vehicles.

As for the Machine Learning, together with AI, it allows the companies to have more precision in the information of their software since the technology uses both the structured and non-structured data on its processing.

In that way, the applications may not only learn new functionalities but also detect patterns on their database, which is a fundamental factor so that you can improve the predictability and the decision-making about determined themes.

Make use of Robotics and Human Augmentation

Following the theme of AI, another sector that has been developing is the robotization of industries. Along with the use of intelligent agricultural machines, companies have seen the opportunity to increase human capacity through Human Augmentation.

By using a drone, for instance, the agricultural company can use the technology to map the best fields to develop its plantations, mainly in places with difficult access.

As for the area of medicine, the doctors may use intelligent machines in order to support the treatment of their patients. Besides, in case the person needs to wear a prosthesis, the person can count on mechanical parts to help on his/her daily duties.

Moreover, the technology that is present on the equipment allows the responsible doctor to gather relevant data for the monitoring of the patient on his/her routine, making the exams more practical and accurate.

Understand  what is BlockChain

After the popularization of virtual coins, entrepreneurs got to know the technology that was behind their transactions, the BlockChain.

With the use of innovation, companies can use the cryptography present in the format in order to keep their information safe, since this tool is efficient against the invasion of third parties to their confidential data. Moreover, the BlockChain allows you to easily distribute any items that are more valuable.

That being said, besides the financial sector, the innovation may also be used at the Public Administration, manufacturing industry, media distribution, at the health area and even at the verification of identities.

Use Virtual Reality and Immersive Experiences

Both technologies have become popular due to the industry of electronic games. But are you aware of the fact that these updates can be used in other areas?

With the support of Immersive Experiences, the companies might use the tendencies to different purposes, from the entertainment business itself to the formation of professional surgeons.

In spite of the fact that it sounds weird, we can come across some universities around the world that use equipment of virtual reality to bring an experience to their students that is as close as possible to reality. Inside medicine, for example, the teachers are able to show, with more details, the processes that are done in order for a surgery to be made.

Get to know about IoT and IoE as trends in software development

Another theme that has been calling managers’ attention is the use of IoT (Internet of Things) to automatize duties inside the company. As a parallel to this technology, another tendency that is likely to increase relevance in the market is IoE (Internet of Everything). But after all, what differs one from the other?

While the IoT is the communication among different intelligent devices, the IoE promises to consider the human being as having a fundamental role in the use of technology.

When using concepts of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Analytics, you can count on a device that is capable, for example, of furnishing a house with virtual objects inside a physical space.

Use the 3D Printing and the Digital Manufacturing

You have probably already found something related to 3D printing, haven’t you? We can’t deny how much the tendency took control over the companies in the country rapidly, being the fruit of researches for the development of even bigger solutions, as we will see below.

It hasn’t been that long since this technology was presented only as a way to print small objects made of plastic in 3D, coming from a virtual model. However, with the technological advancements and the application of Digital Manufacturing, companies have started to use the tool in order to substitute manual processes.

In this way, nowadays we can come across some cases in which companies use the technology even to build houses!

In order to keep themselves relevant in the market, there is no way to deny the fact that the companies have to be always attentive to the technological updates. After all, it is through them that the companies can use modern equipment and intelligent software to automatize processes and develop better strategies in the business. As we have seen in the article, today we can find different solutions available in the market. That way, it is up to you to choose the practice which is more adequate.

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