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VistaJet know more

Monitora is the only company in Brazil responsible for the outsourcing of development and software testing for VistaJet, which is considered the biggest company in the area of private aviation in the world.

Nowadays we are developing applications for: Offering to support the financial processes (from receiving and emitting tax receipts, payments and receiving, to expenses control), managing and tracking private jet flights with movement messages, tracking flight orders, passengers, credits, among others and realizing/interconnecting microservices that implement specific business rules, making the platform's architecture faster, safer, more flexible and scalable.

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This aircraft company has requested an app from Monitora, in order to reduce the cost with the registering process of the internal failures of aircrafts.

In this case, the mechanic uses the app through a smartphone with Wi-Fi connection to photograph and send the pictures. In this way, the report is automatically generated and sent to the responsible engineer, in a document format, saving time on all the process and reducing mistakes at the reports.

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MedicalBox know more

Having the objective of automating and optimizing the day-to-day processes of medical clinics and doctor’s offices, such as the scheduling of appointments and the elaboration of charts, MedicalBox is a medical software that has the purpose of solving the management of clinics and doctor’s offices. It does so by easing the day-to-day of doctors and secretaries, using resources that have been exclusively thought for them.

In this way, there is the automation of these processes to help in the safety of clinic data and improve the work quality of the employees at the administrative sector.

Having been developed by Monitora since its conception, MedicalBox is already present at the city of São Carlos and near regions like Araraquara and Ribeirão Preto, showing great acceptance from professionals coming from the most diverse areas of health.


Neuron / ERP Cerâmico

It has the objective of being an administrative and strategic tool for companies that act in the area of ceramic and clay.

The objective is that this platform is adequate for the 4.0 industry, and it will support the basic processes of an industry as well as the specific processes in the area of ceramic and clay.

The project Neuron is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) that can serve various clients from the same platform, guaranteeing speed, safety and scalability.

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GRYFO know more

Discover how to manage your business intelligently.

With the goal of transforming information into action, Gryfo integrates Artificial Intelligence with video analysis to perform stand-alone monitoring in a number of complex scenarios such as security, industry, marketing and education.

The analyzes made by Gryfo enable the real-time verification of all the data collected, generating effective reports for fast and accurate decision making.


know more MarketChat

Real-time chat with ads for products and services, bringing experts, vendors and customers together in one place.

A space to talk and negotiate. Allowing direct transactions in the application.

Main features: Chat between users, visibility on the map of registered stores, creation of advertisements, groups and pages, offers by geolocation, approximation between the industry and the end customer.

And others...


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Who we are

Being situated in São Carlos (SP), a city that is considered the Brazilian capital of technology, founded in 2010 and having a structure of more than 1000 square meters, Monitora serves customers that are both national and international.

The company counts on more than 200 direct employees that have excellent professional education and certificates in the area of technology, who collaborate to the development of personalized solutions, according to the real needs of the customers, such as innovative software and applications, using the most recent advancements, with artificial intelligence and data science.

Monitora is a specialist in all the particularities of the development of systems, promoting optimization, efficiency and quality, so that the partners achieve the stablished goals, within the deadlines and the planned investments.

WHERE we are

In addition to being present in Brazil since 2010, Monitora has an office in London that deals with the commercial issues of Europe clients. From the outsourcing of systems development, through work with artificial intelligence to the production of digital innovations, the London office guarantees the attendance and commercial deliveries of international clients and prospects.

What we do

Tailor made software

We develop creative solutions for your company on various stages, such as requirements engineering, software design, implementation, quality control, implantation and maintenance. For the development of each project, we make use of the best technology with highly qualified teams to meet the demands of the customer in a simple and agile way.

Requirements engineering

Having the objective of fully understanding the requirements of the project, we use techniques that are focused on the customer to identify their needs and plan the software, providing a greater comprehension in order to deliver a better solution.

Software design

We project the software from its visual conception to the development of interfaces, passing through all the processes of prototyping and visual studies, granting a better experience of usage and prioritizing the delivery of intuitive products that are also easy to use.


We have the purpose of creating the perfect digital solution for the needs of our customers. For that reason, we have developers who are extremely competent to deliver robust and creative software.

Quality control

To assure the quality in all our projects, we verify the functionality of each software package and application in order to improve their functioning and the processes of their development. We are specialized in development that is oriented to testing and automation of testing.


In order to set up software, we have highly capable teams to carry out the installation of projects in various computing environments, from data centers to cloud services, always valuing high performance and availability.


To keep the best performance of the developed software programs, we have efficient teams that offer qualified support for the fast resolution of any problems, and if it is the case, also implement new functionalities to increase the applicability and usability of the software.

  • Tailor made software
  • Requirements engineering
  • Software design
  • Implementation
  • Quality control
  • Implantation
  • Maintenance

Outsourcing of development

Our team has experience and qualification in various technologies to find the best solution for your necessities in the most diverse areas, such as health, aviation, artificial intelligence, finances, among others. Our professionals develop their technological solutions so that your company keeps focused on the strategic execution of business goals.

With our outsourcing, your business will have the necessary software, without the onus of specializing in the operation of software production.

Outsourcing of Quality Assurance

To guarantee the quality of the developed software programs, it is necessary to do a lot of testing. For that, we can support your company with a dedicated team on testing. Such team is able to support from companies that develop software to venture capitals, which need to analyze codes before making the purchase.

We have knowledge in the development of test cases, in the manual or automated execution, besides working with the most respected techniques and tools of the market, in order to guarantee the quality of your software to your final client.

The secret of a remarkable successlies on the work of a great team!

All of us at Monitora, from the trainees to the directors, are passionate about delivering technological solutions of excellent quality. For that, we take care of all the processes of elaboration of software, to help our clients keep their focus on their business strategies. Having specialized workers, business rules that are well defined and innovative technologies, we develop creative solutions for your company to outstand in the market.

Our technological solutions are thought to speed up and perfect each process of software development. We think, act and build up in a different way, so that any projects can be developed in a creative and dynamic way, guaranteeing the highest quality and the best possible result.

Come visit us

Come visit our space, which was made from scratch with the idea of being a perfect environment so that our professionals can work in the best way possible.

We are situated at the shopping mall Passeio São Carlos, an excellent place both in location and in facilities, having a varied food court and lots of stores.

Monitora Soluções Tecnológicas

Av. Dr. Francisco Pereira Lopes, 1701
Parque Santa Monica, São Carlos, São Paulo
Brazil - CEP: 13.561-250