What we do in the present to develop a
better future!

Our mission is to positively impact businesses and lives around the world. We seek to implement actions that generate value and impact businesses and people around us in our daily lives. Get to know us.

I am Kick

We are committed to empowering and training young people from public schools in the field of technology and we do so in partnership with the Sou Kick Project. In addition to sponsoring the project, students receive the opportunity to perform and work at Monitora. The project addresses technology training, but also includes a path of socio-emotional learning.

Another important gain of the project is to bring more women closer to the universe of technology. They represent an average of 51.47% of participants. There were 68 young people already participating in the first classes of the first semester of 2021 and, each semester, new classes are created.

Tênis+ Institute of São Carlos

Monitora is a sponsor of the Tênis+ Institute of São Carlos, which aims to promote the practice of tennis by low-income children and transform the lives of these young people through this sport.

Currently, about 140 students are helped permanently, with technical, ethical and emotional training.

All Digital

With the pandemic, it became evident that many low-income students did not have access to technologies. To try to reduce this digital divide, we launched the #TodosDigitais manifesto.

Through a platform, we connected companies that could donate electronic equipment such as computers, notebooks, and other gadgets, to students and institutions that needed this equipment for online classes. The project was a success and has the participation of several companies in São Carlos.

We believe that investing in education creates protagonists of a better future.

Flora Energia

At Monitora, everyone can adhere to the use of sustainable energy in their homes in a digital, practical, and secure way. This is possible thanks to a partnership with Flora Energia.

In addition to generating financial savings, this initiative promotes the conscious use of natural resources and awareness of the reduction of waste. For every 30 employees who sign up, +72.000 kWh and approximately 4,200 kg of CO2 emissions are avoided.

Gaia GreenTech

Another important partnership in this process of environmental actions is Gaia GreenTech, which guarantees the intelligent, sustainable management and responsible disposal of all electronic waste generated by Monitora.

In 2020, about 20.3kg of Monitora's electronic materials were disposed of correctly, generating a reduction of 465.2 kg of CO2 emitted. This is a continuous action that prevents damage to the environment.

Move Sanca

Together with Move SANCA, Monitora invests in improving the quality of life of the community around it and, for this, currently helps to finance the maintenance of public spaces that promote a better quality for the citizens of the municipality to practice sports and leisure.

Move Sanca's main work fronts are education, culture, public spaces, environment, sustainability and communication.


Comunicode is the Solidary Hackathon that we created to help institutions and social projects of São Carlos.

In 2018, the institution benefited was the Madre Cabrini Project, which is responsible for serving 140 needy children with social, educational, cultural, and human assistance. At the hackathon, we developed a platform to collect and manage donations to the Institution with transparency. To learn more visit projetomadrecabrini.org.br.

In 2019, the project chosen was Operation Christmas. “Operation Natal” is an initiative of UFSCar and USP and seeks to disseminate and promote the spirit of solidarity during the Christmas season, being responsible for involving a large solidarity operation in the city and region.

The solution developed was a digital platform, where project members can check the activities that are allocated. This platform is embedded in a website, which also serves to hold the project accountable. To learn more about Operation Christmas go to operacaonatal.com.br.

Taking care of collaborators

Monitora has in its culture care, diversity, and respect for the other.

We provide an open environment, favorable to creativity and integration. Games room for decompression. Flexibility of time and home office.

To take care of the body and mind, we have an agreement with gyms, an exercise app, stretching and meditation. In addition to health insurance, dental plan, therapeutic guidance, and life insurance.

To ensure and stimulate constant learning, we have created Monitora University, which provides a monthly scholarship, In-Company English classes, internal training and an online learning platform (Digital Innovation One).

We prioritize clear and objective communication at all levels. For this, we have an internal newsletter, interaction groups (Teams) and Ombusdman. The latter may be used for direct communication with the CEO - anonymously or not.

We encourage the participation of our employees in the company's strategic planning through an annual event called Strategy Day.

We are three-time champions in the Great Place to Work award that recognizes Monitora as one of the Best Companies to Work for.


Monitora operates with transparency and has already implemented the best practices of management and corporate governance, with the objective of transforming the company into a privately held SA and, for this, it has an Audit and Processes area.

We adopted and implemented ERP Totvs with the objective of having financial, fiscal and accounting governance, likewise, we implemented a payroll and HR system to ensure governance in people management.