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A sky of opportunities

How Digital Transformation helped VistaJet increase its market value from 100M to 2.5B in just 8 years, becoming the first unicorn in the world's private aviation market.


In October 2011, when VistaJet's CIO approached Monitora, he had a goal: to turn a small local Maltese aviation company into the world's largest and most important private airline.

To achieve this goal, he bet on the strategy of creating a digital-based company and for this he began a strategic partnership with Monitora that lasts to this day. This strategy worked and transformed VistaJet from a company with 2 aircraft, into a global company with multibillion-dollar revenues and that, even in the face of crisis scenarios faced during the pandemic, continued to grow.


VistaJet is positioned in the high-end private aviation market with global coverage and its business model allows its customers to have an exclusive crew and aircraft available in less than 24 hours, regardless of where they are or where they want to go.


Before seeking out Monitora, VistaJet had already prioritized investment in digital transformation, aiming to transform its business into an e-business capable of sustaining its growth strategy. Up to that moment, their development team was internalized, which made it difficult to implement the strategy at the speed they needed.

And to solve this challenge, VistaJet began to search for companies around the world that could scale agile development teams, be able to maintain a high delivery standard, and that could work in an integrated manner with their technology team.


How we help

Monitora was chosen to work with development outsourcing, but also to be the strategic arm in the implementation of the company's digital transformation, along with teams distributed around the world in places such as England, Malta, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Pakistan, Costa Rica and the United States.

Absolutely all business processes of the company began to enter a pipeline of digitization and improvement strictly linked to the strategic indicators and business model of the company.

To do so, in times of greatest need, Monitora allocated teams that totaled up to 150 people. By being given the flexibility and ability to scale agile teams, VistaJet has achieved the speed it needed to put its strategic vision into practice.


With this, gains were quickly obtained, such as:

  • Simplification for the client to sign, hire and request aircraft;
  • Reduction of check-in and boarding from 30 to 3 minutes;
  • Flight management and tracking with maximum operational efficiency;
  • Simplified crew management and allocation;
  • Efficient and integrated BackOffice;
  • Micro services architecture that brought security, speed and integrations that opened more business;

"The aviation area is extremely dynamic and complex, so developing software with a reliable company that provides world-class services is vital.

That's why, for more than half a decade, we have chosen Monitora, which operates in close partnership with VistaJet in a long and reliable relationship.

Murilo Yoshida
VistaJet Senior Solutions Architect

This partnership between VistaJet and Monitora has made it clear that to thrive, companies need leaders who are ambitious and who are not only content to rehabilitate or reform their businesses but are rather willing to execute their vision of the future with courage and speed.

Moreover, their vision should not contemplate technology just to improve their processes. On the contrary, their vision should cover digital transformation so that technology is intrinsically linked to their model and business strategy.

And finally, despite the strategic vision that encompasses technology, it is critical that the company focuses on the CORE of its business and creates a strategic alliance with a partner that has as its CORE to be the digital transformation and software development arm.

"We help Vistajet grow through technology solutions that improve lead sales and online customer experience."

Marcos Chiodi
CEO Monitora


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